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We are a full-service boutique law firm specializing in intellectual property law. We obtain excellent results and provide exceptional service to our clients at a superior value. We work closely with clients and leverage years of experience to develop sophisticated and practical IP strategies. Our experienced and dedicated team delivers a full range of client-centered service via a highly developed infrastructure. We enjoy addressing complexities presented by intellectual property. Technologies and relationships among entities often are complex, and IP law is developing rapidly in courts around the globe. We enjoy developing IP strategies for our clients’ innovations, helping our clients address IP matters presented by competitors and investors, and staying well-informed of legal developments. Get to know us better by learning more about our people and what our firm can offer to you. We invite you to contact us should you have any questions.

Grant IP Practice


Exceptional Results


We leverage years of experience procuring patents having broad claim scope keyed to our clients’ commercial innovations. We take advantage of the newest Patent Office procedures and understand intricacies in working with Office personnel for rapidly and efficiently procuring patents. We also develop positions when drafting patent applications in response to the latest legal developments to support claims that have a high probability of holding over time. In addition to our significant legal experience, our significant technical experience allows us to draft and file sophisticated patent applications that support claims of high value. The network of associates we have selected over the years are among the best and allow for us to secure high-value patents abroad. We also apply years of experience assessing intellectual property assets for efficiently narrowing each analysis to essential issues for valuation, position and negotiation. Our significant experience in negotiating contracts concerning intellectual property also allows us to focus on essential issues and efficiently negotiate terms favorable to our clients.



We assist clients with patent procurement, technology transactions, investment diligence, opinions and counseling for a variety of technologies. Examples of technologies include biomedical, biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, gene therapy, diagnostics, bioindustrial, greentech, research equipment and optics.

We promptly respond to client communications. We confer regularly with clients to understand their business objectives, allowing us to properly tailor intellectual property strategies. We prioritize projects with our clients and work in teams internally to complete them in a timely manner. Projects are delegated for billing efficiency and work product is reviewed by partners to ensure high quality.

Our firm provides a full infrastructure for the organization and docketing of client matters. We provide full client support through dedicated filing specialists and administrative personnel. We address domestic and international Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) matters within our firm, and facilitate international matters via long‐standing relationships with a network of foreign associates.

Exemplary Service



Extraordinary Value



Our firm offers a superior value proposition to clients. Experienced practitioners at the firm responsively deliver excellent work product and thoughtful counseling at a reasonable cost. We bill at reasonable rates because we proactively manage resources, and we bill our clients only for the resources they utilize. The strong value of our services has resulted in long-standing relationships with several firm clients.

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